Phil Evans - Bass

Phil Evans, bass player with 3am,  grew up on a well balanced diet of rock, blues and punk listening to everything from The Sweet and Slade to Chelsea, The Jam and The Ramones, to Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and Thunder.

His influences include Philip Lynott, JP Jones, Neil Murray, Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm.

At the tender age of 17 Phil played with NWOBHM stalwarts Boulevard, releasing a single which made the Sounds Rock Charts at no. 3.

Since then Phil has played with dozens of rock and blues covers bands in the UK and abroad and spent several years gigging and touring with neo-classical metal band September Gun.

More recently he has been playing with local bands Licor & Poker, The Air Hillares and British Superbike part time rockers Wing And A Prayer featuring legendary Thunder drummer Harry James.

Phil uses …

ESP, Sire and Charvel Basses

Takamine Acoustics

TC Electronic Amps & Cabs

Ibanez Guitars

Line6 and Boss Effects

Presonus Studio Gear