Phil "Frap" Myers - Drums

Phil Myers has been drumming since his mum first handed him cutlery.

After being sent to drumming school and forced to play in an orchestra, he sought revenge by forming a punk band at age 13 playing bass, which he now describes as ‘terrible’.

His early influences included Ian Pace, Bill Ward, John Bonham and Keith Moon. Phil has played and recorded with various bands including the Hipshakers and has been on the blues scene for more than a decade, performing predominantly with London’s leading harmonica player Errol Linton (3 times winner of Best British Harmonica player – Blues Awards) playing WOMAD, Jazz festivals all over Europe and the U.K., supporting artists such as Dr John, Link Wray and The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Phil currently plays a custom built Whitney drum kit with Zildjian, Sabian and Paiste cymbals. He is an accomplished multi instrumentalist who also plays harmonica and has a passion for Maton guitars.