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Tim Renton - Guitars

Like so many other musicians from the era, Tim learned to play guitar by listening to The Shadows. Played his first gigs aged about 14 in local community halls and schools in and around Winchester, where he grew up.  In the 60’s he abandoned his course at Brighton College of Art to play bass and help form rock band “Reign” in London’s Earls Court with Robin le Mesurier (son of Hattie Jacques and John Le Mesurier). In 1970 they released their first single “Line of Least Resistance” with EMI subsidiary Regal Zonophone – songs written by Keith Relf and Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds. You can still find Line of Least Resistance on Past & Present’s compilation album “A Perfumed Garden: Vol 3”!

Reign played across the country for about four years, supporting Genesis, Argent,The Kinks, Family, Arthur Brown and Curved Air with The Moody Blues at a University ball.  They also played a few times at legendary central London venues The Marquee(Wardour Street!), The Speakeasy and Ronnie Scotts.

By now Tim’s brother Andy had joined Reign as drummer. Reign became involved with Mike Batt and helped promote his Wombles by playing on the early albums, and dressing up in the furry suits to play on Top of the Pops on at least eight occasions and touring Europe for several months. (You can identify the band members in these appearances by their instruments –Andy, very obviously on drums, Tim playing his Rickenbacker and Robin with his Flying V.)

In 1975 they formed “Shambles” with Brian Engel and had a recording contract with RCA, released the John Peel acclaimed single “Hello Baby”; eventually Robin left the band to pursue a successful career in the States as a touring/session musician with Rod Stewart and Johnny Hallyday (among many, many others!). By this time, Tim was married, with his first baby daughter to care for, so had to give up on the gigs and get a “proper” job!  This didn’t mean he abandoned his music – he not only developed his playing skills, but had another musical project with Andy and another record deal with Decca records.

In 2002, with his children grown up and independent, and the guitar collection grown to ridiculous proportions, it was time to grab brother Andy and get a band back together again.  3am was born.  Had a great time with their first line-up, playing over 150 gigs including Northill Blues Fest, the Chichester Blues on the Farm, Mayfest, Togfest, Rhythmfest, Guilfest (twice), Limelight and Queens Theatres, the New Crawdaddy Blues Club in Essex and the 100 Club in central London.

Had time off with several “mis-carriages” from 2008 to find and rehearse a new singer, write some new songs and record a new album “Long Time Coming” with Laura Long.

Tim uses …

Gibson and Fender Guitars

Walden Guitars

Sage Green Acoustic Guitars

Mesa Boogie Amps

Custom effects board which includes: VHT Valvulator buffer and power supply, Digitec Harmony Man, Marshall Echohead, Fulltone OCD, Fulltone Deja-vu , Keeley modded Ibanez Tubescreamer, Keeley modded Boss Tremolo, Keeley modded Cry Baby Wah, Keeley Compressor

On The Road Again

Available as a CD, MP3 dowload or on all good streaming services now.

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