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Lemonrock is an active community of UK bands and venues who list their own live music events, so you can find gigs anywhere!
Each month, Blues in Britain magazine reports on the blues scene, with emphasis on what’s happening here in the UK.
Independent Radio 93.9 FM KWSS is a Non-Commercial LPFM terrestrial broadcast station serving the Scottsdale Phoenix Area.
The legendary Crawdaddy Club in Richmond run by the equally legendary Mike Rivers, is the true home of Blues in SW London and Surey
Krystal Radio was established over 20 years ago and like a certain Time Lord we could mention, has been through several reincarnations in order to get to where it is today. first started broadcasting independent music back in 2004. Over the years aiiradio & it’s presenters have been dedicated to promoting independent music from all over the world. In 2014 will be at it’s very best and is growing more & more every single day
The one, the only, the original Radio Caroline. Thanks to Tim Charles for all the support and the air time
Cut N’ Dry Talent Radio was started for one reason: To promote musical talent within the MySpace community. We are dedicated to the music (all genres) and the people who make the music.
The Deuce Show features all bands and artists registered with Deuce Management & Promotion and is presented by Joe Ferrett and Matt Barker.
Speegra Music, 3am’s music publisher fronted by all round top bloke Richard Jackson-Bass.
Tim plays Walden Guitars. Find out all about why by visiting their web site.
Head Case Radio is a listener supported station and 100% free. They’ve been supporting 3am for quite some time, so please pay them a visit and make a donation to keep them going.
Pirate Radio Of The Treasure Coast – the title says it all – check ’em out now

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